Jainson Lab India - A Step Ahead In Industrial Chemicals & Minerals Solutions

Jainson Lab India is a company formed with the core reason to manufacture and supply of industrial chemicals that are used in various applications. The company has invested heavily in research and development in the field of chemical engineering for the products like ferrous sulphide, copper iron sulphide, zinc sulphide, pyrite, pyrite cord wire, lead chloride, ammonium chloride, sulphur powder, double refined sulphur, double refined sulphur granule, Potassium Aluminium Fluoride, PAF, selenium metal powder, selenium metal pellets, selenium metal granules, Antimony Tri Sulphide, Calcium Flouride, Flourspar, Tin Sulphide to develop first class chemical products used in industries such as steel manufacturing, grey cast iron, and foundry workshops and even in agricultural industries.

The company specializes in production of special sulphide and chloride chemicals such as pyrite lumps, pyrite powder, sulphur powders, sulphur rolls and granulated sulphur, chlorides and copper iron sulfides.

Industrial Chemicals & Minerals Solutions

The company has a mission to maintain a strong global lead in the current product range as well as to increase the product range to serve more industries. To achieve this, the company has embraced a quality management system under the framework of the ISO 9000:2008 standard, which has helped in the realization of high quality products and services. Our approach to customer service through rapid response to clients concerns as well as a proactive approach and ethical business practices has also endeared us to our clients who have always expressed satisfaction.

The company prides itself in a state of the art laboratory that is well equipped to handle all customer requirements. The company has a strong technical team that is able to work round the clock to meet all clients’ needs. The product range includes;

Sulphide is a chemical compound which is an anion of sulphur with one or more negatively charged ions of sulphur (S2-) based on the number of anions, they can be classified as bi sulfides and disulfides.

Ferrous Sulfide
Ferrous Sulphide is a chemical in the sulfides family (FeS) used in the laboratory for manufacture of products such as hydrogen sulfide gas through the use of KIPPs apparatus. Our production process of this product ensures high quality production which is now useful in industries such as wire rope making, stainless steel, and free cutting steel. It acts as an alloying agent to enhance the machine ability of steel castings.  The company manufactures Copper iron sulfide and zinc sulfide for various industrial uses.

Pyrite - FeS2

Pyrite (FeS2) is a flagship product of the company. The product is used in various industrial processes like the manufacture of sulfur dioxide, sulfuric acid, making of non rechargeable lithium batteries, pyrite lumps, pyrite cored wires among other uses.  


Chlorides such as the lead chloride and ammonium chloride are also among the company product lines. Lead chloride is among the most important chlorides in industry. It is used in processes such as in the manufacture of barium lead titanate ceramics, production of infra-red transmitting glass, ornamental glass manufacturing (aurene glass) and may also be used to pigment white paint.

Ammonium Chloride

Ammonium Chloride is an important for the industrial application. In the health sector it is used as a diuretic for people with edema where it acts in increasing the renal excretion of chloride. To guarantee the safety of the Ammonium Chloride, the company ensures the production process is highly controlled and monitored and high quality product achieved. The product has also been used as the flux in the soldering process and for removal of metal oxides.

Our Products

Selenium Metal Powder
Double Refined Sulphur Granules
Sulphur Powder
Antimony Tri Sulphide
Ferrous Sulphide
Ferro Sulphur
Lead Chloride
Double Refined Sulphur
Double Refined Sulphur Granules