High Quality Sulphur Powder, Potassium Ammonium Fluoride, Selenium & Industrial Chemicals

With the stiff competition in the industrial chemicals manufacturing sector, major companies and having to keep up with strong competition to retain the market share and continue expansion. Jainson Lab India has been among the fore runners in this effort. The main drivers for the success of this company have been;

  • Product research and innovation
  • Enhanced production efficiency
  • Meeting the quality objectives

In line with this, some of the products supplied by the company include;

Industrial Chemicals & Minerals Manufacturer

This is a non metal used for various in industrial processes such as the manufacture of various products such as sulfuric acid which can be used in battery acids, fertilizer ingredient, acid batteries, cleaning reagents and many more. The company produces high quality sulphur powder and in sufficient volume to meet all industrial needs.

Double Refined Sulphur Rolls/Granules/Lumps
To guarantee quality for the sulfur, a process of double refining is done to deliver a product free of impurities and other chemicals contamination. The powder is then offered as granules, double refined sulphur rolls or double refined sulphur lumps depending on customer preferences. The double Refined Sulphur Granules are mostly used in manufacture of plastics and cleaning reagents.

PAF (Potassium Ammonium Fluoride)
The company has also invested in developing high quality Potassium Ammonium Fluoride characterized by a good whitish finish, highly refined and ultra-pure and has been certified under international standards. Over the years the company has perfected the production of this product and there is guaranteed performance.

Potassium Aluminum Fluoride Powder
This is an inorganic salt that has various industrial applications. It is used as a salt flux in the smelting process of secondary aluminum for maximum metal recovery. It is also used for reduction or removal of magnesium from liquid aluminum alloys. The Potassium Ammonium Fluoride powder is also used as a filler material in the manufacture of abrasives. PAF is also used in metal additives to act as a fluxing agent and accelerate dispersion after addition.
The product is supplied as Potassium Aluminum Fluoride Lumps for ease of handling and transportation.

Selenium Metal Powder
This is also another important product from the company. The selenium is available in various concentrations. The purity of the product is guaranteed at 99.9% and comes in the form of metal pellets and granules. The product has got various properties useful in various industries. It is photovoltaic as well as photoconductive (resistance decreases with increased light intensity) and the product can also act as p-type semiconductor. The company has endeavored to make the highest grade selenium metal powder used in various applications like semiconductor industry, in photocopier machines, Plastic glass pigments, stainless steel additive and many more.

Antimony TriSulphide
This is an important industrial compound mainly used as a pacifying agent in production of ceramics and glasses as well as manufacturing of antimony catalysts. Antimony Tri Sulphide is also used as a friction material in manufacture of brake linings lubricants and in pyro techniques. It is also among the high quality products offered by the company.

Calcium Flouride (Flourspar)
The fluorspar produced is used as a flux in the aluminum industry as well as a source of fluorine in the manufacture of hydrofluoric acid. In addition, the company produces high quality tin sulphide used in applications such as semiconductors, photovoltaic materials, solar cells, lithium ion batteries and other applications.

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